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The woman who babysat me when I was 2 was 73 at the time. She’s 93 now. She’s never owned a computer, and I kind of envy her for it. Writing her letters every few weeks is one of the most intentional, mindful practices I have. I started this blog in large part because I’m unhappy with how I exist on the internet. So how do I get better at it? How do we all get better at it?

A tool should not ask things of you

My relationship with my phone isn’t what it should be. It exists for my benefit. It shouldn’t ever feel like a burden in my pocket, like something that requires things of me. As Maxime points out in his blog on the topic a phone should be a tool, and tools are boring. Nobody ever got addicted to a hammer, or a blender, or even an airfryer (although people certainly get excited about them).

Things that happen online are boring

Due in large part to the laws of content most of what gets put onto the internet is really uninteresting. Anne Li identified her own issues with social media as being rooted mostly in the content: she wasn’t seeing much of what she was interested in, but got a lot of time-wasting garbage. My friends that use Tiktok have especially noted this as a feature of the app: you see lots of videos that aren’t really that good/interesting/what-have-you, but every once in a while you get a really good one, so you stay scrolling, hoping for more finds.

I think I need a new note to talk about my grievances with Online because they are becoming more multitudinous on this blog.

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