Tarot & Other Information Tech

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If we accept (and I very much do) Uel’s premise on why tarot is useful: that it’s a human-crafted piece of information technology that you can negotiate with to find meaning…

how can it interplay with other pieces of information technology?


I made a little site that pulls cards and gives a few meanings. It’s very much a work in progress, so I figured I’d keep track here of some of the things I want to add to the site:

  • customizable spread layout
  • suggested card assignment on spreads
  • annotated cards & hover-over meaning exploration
  • transitional notes for cards
  • scrape other tarot sites for meanings
  • analysis on keyword-overlap on cards
  • sentiment analysis on keywords to assign cards quantitative values

A Cool tarot site by Erik Osheim

A ML-generated set of tarot cards

Another of those

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