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I don’t believe in magic, but the longer I spend on this planet in this meat sack of a body, the more I want to trust there’s some level of organizing force present. I don’t know what that force is, and I’m not too invested in trying to figure it out.

I took some notes on a great talk by one of my favorite twitter personas on why tarot is worth reading.

Tarot, though, is a cool and interesting framework for examining life, and it’s something that I’d like to get better at understanding, investigating, and applying.

Tarot is associative

The thing I enjoy about tarot more than astrology or Myers-Briggs or other forms of nonsense magic is that it morphs given context. Cards have an array of meanings, and their meanings change as they interact with each other.

I know that the astrology afficionados will yell at me that it is also context-dependent because of like, multiple planets and the way they move and stuff. But my birthday stays the same at all times, so shush.

Much like a digital garden and our brains, Tarot is built on connections between meanings. I think that’s a pretty neat way to look at things, and reading the cards is a helpful way for me to consider things in my life from novel angles. To better learn the system, I’m making it learning in public.

Charlie’s Tarot Guide

Major Arcana

The Fool’s Journey

Minor Arcana

[[ Suit of Wands ]]

Suit of Cups

[[ Suit of Swords ]]

Suit of Pentacles

Associations across models

Tarot Suit Domain French Suit Element Humor Temperament
Wands the Passions Fire Blood Sanguine
Cups the Heart Water Phlegm Phlegmatic
Swords the Mind Air Yellow Bile Choleric
Pentacles the Material Earth Black Bile Melancholic

I love the Compound Eye Substack.

Jessica Dore is also very insightful on twitter and in her newsletter.

The labyrinthos app is really handy for learning and quizzing. I should make a better habit of using it.

Wikipedia page on the four temperaments.

Uel recommended T Susan Chang’s Tarot Correspondences as a “book that’s more than 50% spreadsheets, just the alignment of cards with other systems”

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