Suit of Pentacles

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Sometimes just referred to as the coins, pentacles is the suit of material interests. This often refers to money, but can also be health or security. This suit is associated with the earth – a steady, slow-moving element that long-enduring things can grow in. There’s frequent imagery of growth and abundance in the pentacles, but plenty of loss and destitution, as well. Two sides of the same coin.

The Journey

The pentacles has a good ending – the ten is sometimes referred to just as “the wealth card”.

Two of Pentacles

The two of pentacles is about balance. In the background, ships navigate choppy waters, and in the foreground a juggler moves with two large coins. Jessica Dore connected the card to play on Twitter.

Keywords: Balance, Priorities, Adapting to Change // Loss of Balance, Disorganized, Overwhelmed

Three of Pentacles

Keywords: Teamwork, Collaboration, Building // Disorganized, Conflict, Competition

The completion of a marvelous work, made possible by the collaboration of skilled craftsmen.

Four of Pentacles

Compound Eye Post

Keywords: Conservation, Security, Frugality // Greediness, Stinginess, Possessiveness

The four is about hoarding, which may be a good or bad thing. In positive contexts, you are safeguarding the wealth that you built up in the three. In less positive contexts, you may be acting miserly or choosing the material over other important concerns. Note the body language of the holder, and the heavy walls of the city in the background.

Eight of Pentacles

Compound Eye Post

Keywords: Education, Apprenticeship, Achievement // Lack of focus, ambition, or motivation

The eight is about difficult, continued, solo, focused labor, and the skillfulness it yields. Notice the distant city in the background – the craftsman has left the world behind to perfect his pursuit.

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