Everything is a Relationship

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I’m not sure what this note will be beyond the titular assertion, but I have a feeling this is going to tie to basically every single note I make, if I want it to.


A good friend of mine–a musician–recently said,

“I realized music and I were in a relationship, and it wasn’t a good one. I didn’t treat the music well and it wasn’t treating me well. I think music and I have gotten to a healthier place recently.”

There’s a certain first-person-ignorance we often experience; we’re so busy understanding ourselves as viewpoints/observers that we forget that we’re also acting on the world around us. Or the opposite happens, and our narcissism means we fail to consider that the other things or people in the world are also feeling, thinking, perceiving things, and acting on those thoughts/feelings/perceptions.

I think it’s valuable to understand most (or all) aspects of our lives as relationships, because it helps us move past these sorts of myopia.


Your relationship with your money constitutes your budget

Your relationship with your attention is dictated by what you focus on

Your relationship to your own worth and work determines if you think you’re faking it

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