Psychological Safety

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This was my favorite topic from my undergrad course on organizational behavior, so I feel obligated to write about it. Also, it’s relevant to almost every aspect of life, work-related or not.

Psychological safety is the quality of groups where risk-taking and being incorrect does not provoke ridicule, retribution, or mistrust. Whether you’re talking about co-working teams, artistic scenes, or even just a friend group, a lack of psych safety is a huge detriment. We’ve all been in spaces like this. The job where nobody can tell the boss they’re wrong. The ‘friend’ group that’s so gossipy, you don’t dare share anything personal. Areas with low psych safety squash creativity and individuality, and they kill morale and productivity.

In a psychologically safe environment, you’re willing to be honest with your collaborators about the things you feel like you suck at, and they’re more comfortable giving you criticism to help you improve.

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