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I have a few things I want to think about and write about as they relate to keeping a digital garden. Some topics may link out and some may be short enough to live permanently on this page.

How to manage content

My big issue with content management is becoming creating status tags that are both meaningful to me and helpful in curating a valuable garden to visit. The current system:

Seeds are the very tiny beginnings of blog posts. They’re dark green on the map.

Growing posts get the bright green. They’re not done but they’re decently substantial.

Branches are posts that either index other posts or are ever-growing lists. Right now they’re also the bright green of growing posts. (This post is a branch.)

Fruits are finished products, blog posts that I think are good and done.

Things my system might be missing

There’s no status tag right now for things that are done but not detailed/involved. It feels silly to call my note on Parkinson’s Law a fruit, but I don’t really feel the need to work on it any further. Potential solutions include:

  1. just sucking it up and labeling them as fruit
  2. a distinction that exists only on the backend
  3. add another status (flowers? blossoms?) for this case

Issues with solution 1

I don’t really want my map of the garden to be all orange; that’s not the goal, the goal is to grow it and have things naturally become finished as I’m interested by them. But plenty of notes will hit a point where they just don’t require my attention anymore, and right now orange is a dual indicator of ‘this is cool and done’ and ‘this is uncool and done’

Issues with solution 2

In general, I’d like to make keeping things organized as simple as possible, and having front- and back-end solutions that are overlapping or contradictory does not seem very simple.

Issues with solution 3

I know that I am a person who loves to take things to levels of abstraction that are so detailed that they become worthless as abstractions. I’m worried I’ll keep making more and more categories until it’s overly detailed and also a pain to work with.

Titling Best Practices

Some people are really adamant that your notes should be titled with full statements that make clear the argument of the note. I don’t like that as much, also I write my notes a bit longer than a lot of the people who build their gardens out that way. What I’ve found to be useful is giving the note a title that’s descriptive and a file-title that’s short but accurate. Sometimes those are the same, but it’s useful if they can be a little bit different, because it gives me two different options for back-linking.


Some things that I think it would be cool to add to the garden:

  • random note button
  • search bar
  • twitter bot to tweet when I make new notes

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