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I have developed a very nasty habit in the past few weeks of leaving dozens of links open in chrome. Not a good workflow. Sometimes I’ve got a note started that the links are relevant to, and I can save them there. But more often, they just sit. So I’m going to try collecting my links here and returning to them regularly.

General Reading

The Elephant Theory of History (do it for the bit!) Paul Graham on Doing What you Love ETTO principle How to be a genius About these notes
Zettelkasten knowledge and info management • Zettelkasten Method

Tech Topics

The vast majority of these will relate to building the garden. Things that I’ve used/made sense of will go in the relevant branches of that page.


Creating a random link out of a specified group of links
Creating a random link out of all of the links in a document


jQuery attr() Method
jQuery text() Method
jQuery Misc data() Method
javascript - d3 d => vs function(d) - Stack Overflow
Arrow Functions: Fat and Concise Syntax in JavaScript
jQuery remove() Method


How to Improve Custom Search in Your Clients' Storefronts — Learning Liquid
The forloop object
Generate random numbers using liquid in shopify – STUDIO 131 - Agence Shopify

“Might be useful someday” or “feels important but idk how yet”

Hero Icons

New Yorker article about two Jewish couples talking

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