Know Irrelevant Things

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I think titling this note “be curious” would be too vague, but I do think it’s basically what the conversation is about.

Being interested in things that don’t have an immediate need or benefit for you is important and enriching. It makes you a cooler and more interesting person living a more psychologically rich life. It gives you more to talk and think about, which naturally leads to more learning and discovery.

…but Master of None

A neat little illustration for thinking about areas of knowledge comes from the jungle gym substack:

Irrelevant is a misnomer

The trick about knowing irrelevant things is that they often wind up being valuable in unexpected ways. Sometimes it’s as a metaphor, allowing you to think or talk about things in a different way. Often it’s context that becomes transferrable to very different subjects.

Adam Grant talks in his TEDTalk on originals about how the Mona Lisa took Da Vinci many years to complete, but that his time spent studying lenses between periods of working on the painting changed the way he painted light.

A TEDxTalk on how specialization can be a detriment. The quote within that talk from mathematician Freeman Dyson.

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