Grievances with Online™

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I complain a lot about the internet. I think it’s much the same way that a person complains about their crappy apartment, or the big faceless company they work for. There’s something so soul-crushing and mundane about this place we’ve all learned to exist. I needed this note as a linker for a lot of the things I was realizing were connected. So here we go.

The list of things about the internet I do not like

(The disclaimer on all of this is that I believe fervently in the ability of the internet to generate real good for people. But I think the systems in place are mostly not conducive to that. Disclaimer over.)

The Laws of Content ruin creativity

We could be making and consuming so much cool stuff online! Instead, there are 1,000 reaction videos and meta-drama about meta-drama. I know this is the gripe that makes me sound the most like a crotchety old man, but I can’t get over how banal things are.

So many things that could be cool become grifts instead

Not that grifting couldn’t happen in the real world, but it feels like so many of the things about the internet that have exciting potential like forming cool communities or creating opportunities to learn have instead become a #EntrepreneurMoment for tech and/or finance bros to exploit.

Everything is engineered to be addictive so you never unplug

This is pretty well-documented so I don’t feel the need to defend this claim too hard. I just think it’s uncool.

The lack of longevity in online content

The feed goes by too quickly. I’m tired of losing things that I think are cool.

The dearth of Good Content™

Since there isn’t a lot incentivizing good things being made, good things often don’t get made. When they do, they can still have a hard time finding the limelight.

The Tech overlords don’t care if you’re tech literate

You might argue that a lot of them want you to be less aware of how things work, where your data goes, etc.

Why are there so many ads online?

I know the answer to this one, but it does still bum me out.

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