Where should I start?

Since things aren’t chronological, you should start on anything you think is interesting! Obviously that’s a pretty vague answer, but you can poke around this map and see what you like!

If you’re really looking for a recommendation, why don’t you start on The Secret Bucket List

Why doesn’t the blog have a title or a theme?

I don’t really have specific enough expertise or interests to always want to write about a single subject. So the only common thread across things is that I think they’re neat and I’m writing about them.

Are you taking feedback?

Kind of. I think editing posts would go against the goal of the blog, but I love collaboratively building out new discussions and thoughts! If you have strong feelings about something I’ve written (positive, negative, adjacent) I’d love to hear from you. I didn’t choose a platform with the ability for comments because comment sections are toxic, but if you want to put your thoughts online beside mine, I’d be happy to give you a section in any of my posts! You can reach out to me at charlie at trochlil dot com.

I found a dead link/an unfinished article/some other weird thing

Since this blog is a digital garden, it doesn’t operate on a regular write/publish cycle; it gets edited, updated, and ideated on in real time. If you found an empty page, that’s someplace I want to put a post but haven’t gotten to yet. If it’s a broken link, feel free to bring it to my attention and I’ll try to fix it soon!

How did you build this site?

This site is built using Jekyll and Netlify. It runs off a Github repo that I’ve made public.

The remarkable template I used to build this blog is by Maxime Vaillancourt, whom you can find online here.